(Updated) Lybrate free sample products list, buy every product for free and get extra bonous.

Nowadays Lybrate is giving some products to their users for free and they keeps only shipping charges. So I updated some Lybrate free sample products list where you can buy easily these items for free and with extra bonous. This offer is an official offer of Lybrate. Basically Lybrate is an android app where you can get doctor at door step and you can appointment with them. On these days every app giving best offers to their users for engaging with them. Some apps are giving free Paytm cash and some are giving best shopping offers. I was updated many articles with best offers which will help you to save money. I hope you like our previous article on sharechat refer and earn offer. Okay now I am going to give the best offers of today. Lybrate is giving free Dettol Sanitiser 50ml, Liquid Soap 25ml, Dettol Original Soap 45g, Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 60ml at just 49 rupees. Many products like Lybrate free sample Horlicks, Lybrate free sample tropicana, Lybrate free sample Dettol kit etc you can buy for free with some shipping charges. So  I have updated a list of Lybrate free sample products which will help you to buy. Remember that some you will get some cashback in Lybrate cash for buying products. You can use Lybrate cash for buying other products, consult a doctor etc. For example when you are buying Lybrate sample product Dettol kit you will able to get 75% cashback of 49 rupees if you pay with PayPal.
Lybrate free sample products
Lybrate free sample products

What is Lybrate free sample products?

Lybrate is an android app where you can ask health questions to best doctors, consult doctor online and book appointment etc. The best thing is you can found best or top doctors of your city in this app. If we truly say nowadays desease is a major problem of every people. Some has skin desease and some has diabetes desease so you can appointment or ask questions to each department doctors with this app. Now Lybrate app launched a new program book lab test where you can test your desease at your door step. This is enough to talk about Lybrate. Now we are going to discuss the Lybrate free sample products.

Basically Lybrate is a new company of business. They gives some attractive offers to their users for growing brand names and products details. So if you want to buy these free products you have to read the following steps.

How to get Lybrate free sample products?

This is an attractive offer for every shopping users and loot users. You will get free products now. Lybrate is giving packet of Horlicks, tropicana juice, Dettol kit, acne control face wash, diabetes oil and nestle ceregrow for free but they take some shipping charges. To get this offer you have to follow our article.

Lybrate free sample tropicana essential multi vitamin 200ml (2 packs)

In this offer you will able to get 2 free tropicana juice of 200ml at just 10 rupees of shipping charge and you will also get cashback of 10 rupees at Lybrate cash for buying this. It means this is total free. But this offer is valid only for Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala users. To use the offer read the following steps.
 1. Just open this offer link.
 2. Fill your name, mobile number, e-mail address, your particular address, pin code and locality.
 3. Then just check for stock. If it is stuck then order now with debit card and you will get 10 rupees back in your Lybrate account.
 4. This offer is only for Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala users.
 5. Now you will get this product free at door step.

Lybrate free sample Dettol and mom kit at just 12 rupees.

Lybrate launched this offer officially. In this offer you'll able to get Dettol Sanitiser 50ml, Liquid Soap 25ml, Dettol Original Soap 45g, Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 60ml at just 12 rupees. Basically it's price is 49 rupees on Lybrate but if you pay via PayPal then you'll get 75% cashback in Lybrate wallet.

 1. Click here to go the Dettol page.
 2. Fill your name, address and details.
 3. Click on get pack for rs49.
 4. Pay money via PayPal
 5. Now you will get 37 rupees on your Lybrate account and Dettol kit at your door step.

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Lybrate free sample product acne control face wash at just 24 rupees.

As you know Lybrate is giving free products with doctors choice. Now you can buy a facewash at just 24 rupees. Basically price of the face wash is 120 rupees in Lybrate but after order it you will get 80% cashback as Lybrate cash. If you want to know about Lybrate cash then follow the article.

 1. Follow the link to go to the acne control face wash page. Click here
 2. Fill your name and details to buy.
 3. Now click on buy now option.
 4. After payment successful you'll get 96 rupees as Lybrate cash.

Lybrate free sample product nestle ceregrow for free with shipping charges of 15 rupees.

You will get a 15 gm nestle ceregrow for free but you have to give 15 rupees as shipping charges. You can know how to use ceregrow in the given page.
 1. Click here to go nestle ceregrow page.
 2. Fill your name and details on that page.
 3. Check if the product is in stock then order now at just 15 rupees.
 4. You can also know about nestle ceregrow in that page.

Get fortune vivo oil from Lybrate at just 20 rupees.

This is an official offer from Lybrate. As you know Lybrate free sample products are best and doctor's choice. In this offer you will get 1Litre of fortune vivo oil at just 20 rupees. Fortune vivo oil is totally for diabetes patients. Basically you have to pay 60 rupees at the time of buying. After successful payment you will get 40 rupees back as Lybrate cash.
 1. Click here to go vivo oil page.
 2. As same give your name, address and details for order.
 3. Pay 60 rupees through any payment method.
 4. After successful payment you will get 40 rupees as Lybrate cash in your account.
 5. You can use your lybrate cash in transaction at Lybrate.

Lybrate free sample product Horlicks for free on Lybrate.

Get a mother's Horlicks of 25 gm for free on Lybrate. You can get this product from our given link. This is an official product from lybrate. Nowadays lybrate giving many sample products to their users. For buying this product you have to pay just 10 rupees as shipping charges. After buying this product you will get 10 rupees as lybrate cash. Just follow these steps which will help you to buy this product.
 1. Click here to go the product page.
 2. Fill your name, address, e-mail address, mobile number and details for shipping.
 3. Then check the product stockings.
 4. If it is out of stock then try after some days.
 5. If it is stuck then pay just 10 rupees to get this product.
 6. After successful payment you will get 10 rupees as Lybrate cash. Follow the article to know about Lybrate cash.

What is Lybrate cash?

As you know that Lybrate is an android app or website which help you to consult top doctors, free health tips from top doctors. Basically Lybrate cash is a term of Lybrate company. You can use your lybrate cash for buying and purchasing services on Lybrate app. Remember that you can use 20% of Lybrate cash for buying any product. Your lybrate cash will be expired after 180 days. But value of 1 Lybrate cash is 1 rupees. Now time to end the article Lybrate free sample products.

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