Rozdhan app referral code, earn 50 rupees for sign up and 6 rs per refer.

Rozdhan app referral code:- rozdhan is an android app where you can earn money for reading articles, share articles, refer and earn and more. Rozdhan app is a genuine app and comes in top 10 earn money apps. This app has 4.3 rating in play store which is good. 5 million people download this app from play store and give a good reviews. You will get updated news, articles and trending videos in this app. Just think if you earn 200 rupees daily from rozdhan app, isn't it great? Today I am going to share how to earn money in rozdhan app.
Rozdhan app referral code
Rozdhan app referral code

If you're doing a job or you are a student then you have a good friends network. You just have to refer your friends and tell them to install with your referral code. You can earn 6 rupees per sign up and some daily check in coins. Everyone need some outside income and rozdhan is a trending app for earning money now. If you referred 15 to 16 friends daily then you can earn 200 rupees. Withdraw in paytm option is so good. But some taxes will cut off from your earning at the time of withdrawal. Daily check in points, share articles, read articles bonous help you to earn more. you will get 1500 coins per referral. Here 250 coins make 1 rupees. Coins are automatically converted to rupees after 11.00pm. I am going to help you for rozdhan app referral code in this article.

Steps to use rozdhan app referral code

 1. At first download rozdhan app by clicking here.

 2. Install and open this app.

 3. Choose your language and verify your mobile number with otp.

 4. Now dashboard will open and 25 rupees will automatically credit to your account.

 5. After opening dashboard you have to give 07GVUA referral code to get extra 25 rupees.

 6. Finally you got 50 rupees in your wallet.

Refer and earn in rozdhan app

Rozdhan app referral code
Rozdhan app referral code

 1. After your sign up process complete just go to me>>invite friends.

 2. Now you can see the refer and earn banner and your referral code.

 3. You can share your referral link using Whatsapp or sms.

 4. Remember to tell your friends to apply the referral code.

 5. If your friend apply the referral code you will get 1500 coins and he also get 50 rupees in his wallet.

 6. When he complete the task like share articles, reading articles, invite friends you will eligible for get reward.

 6. Here 250 coins make 1 rupee. So you will get 6 rupees for refer and earn.

 7. Another advantage is if you if your friend invite others successfully then you will get 250 coins more.

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Earn money by share articles, reading FAQs, complete profile etc.
Rozdhan app referral code
Rozdhan app referral code

By the way you can get some points for daily check in bonous like 1st day you get 20 points and next day it will be 30 points. Here rozdhan app updates some articles you will get bonus for reading these articles. Daily you get some articles to share. If you share these articles you will get extra points. Just complete your profile and share the ranking list to get 60-80 points extra. You can play various online games with other users. If you search any keyword in search option then you get results in Google and you can use it like a browser.

How to withdraw money to paytm?

This is a genuine app and it gives instant money to his users. So follow these steps to withdraw your money.

 1. Go to profile section and then click on withdraw option.

 2. Now click on withdraw.

 3. Choose the paytm option and click withdraw.

 4. You can withdraw 200 rupees minimum.
 5. You can withdraw 5 times in a day means 1000 rupees.

 6. Your money will credited your paytm account with in 72 hours.

 7. If you bind pan card then tax will cut out just 10%.
 8. Otherwise they cut 20% as tax.


Rozdhan is a genuine app and you can earn paytm cash instant. Just refer more friends to earn more. The best concept is you can earn your friend's referral. I think rozdhan app referral code article will help you to earn more money. Please share this article.

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